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Thursday, November 4th, 2010
4:27 pm
The beginning of my being a sub, slave, cuckold
 A lot of people have asked me how I got started in the lifestyle…. Here is the beginning.
I was going crazy thinking about my GF, Betty, making love to another man…. I knew that I really wanted the voyeuristic excitement and enjoyed the thoughts of her getting carried away with another man... I wanted desperately to watch a well hung Stud lay some heavy pipe and overwhelm my GF with multiple orgasms. She was very capable of multiple orgasms and enjoyed sex with “little me” very, very much!

I really want her to make it with another Man, to be attracted to Him, drawn to Him, overwhelmed with sexual desire and drive but I don’t want to have the competition either! I want to be in her life but want to see her sexually manipulated by one or even more than one Man.... I wasn’t sure how to make it happen... I know that if I just brought it up and asked her to do it she would turn me down flat and think me weird.... so I started to introduce a little make believe in our love making..... I suggested little by little about how exciting it would be to watch Her with another Man.... I talked her into it! Not all at once of course… but after a while of fantasizing and talking to her about it, I got her to think about “just” making out with another Guy, as I watched, and then after he left we'd make love!

It all started innocently enough, I have always been somewhat of a voyeur and my GF is definitely attractive! I would love to see her make love to someone else… Well, maybe not make love to someone else, but to get fucked by someone else! But then there was always this danger sign that suddenly appeared! I wasn't sure what "HER" reaction would be! I wasn't sure whether She would prefer Him over me! I wasn't sure that She would have any use for me after I pushed her into that! I wasn't sure that she would consider me an acceptable partner after that! I wasn't sure that she would be totally turned off and not only lose her attraction to me, but be repulsed!

I told her one night that I wanted to see her get picked up, come back to our apartment and make out with some guy and maybe go all the way. She was very reluctant to get involved… but I pressed on and she relented. We lived in Santa Clara, so I drove her down El Camino Real…. About a mile and a half and told her to walk home in the dark…. I was expecting someone to stop and offer her a ride… but no one did! When she got back home she acted a little bit relieved that she had been able to get there without being picked up. We talked about it when we made love later on… and she was excited beyond excitement! She was not only wetter than she had ever been before, but she was more enthusiastic than ever before in that she was more talkative and more imaginative!

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
3:10 pm
A long hiatus but worth the wait.
**Cross-posted from my journal, it's been awhile and I'm hoping to make some new friends. Activity on my journal is going to pick back up again for sure.**

Well, boys, I'm back on the horse, so to speak. I hope you haven't all left me for more fertile fields! I was really nervous starting back up again. I mean, I’ve lost the baby weight (although I’m still fat, I’m only just as fat as I was before the kiddo), but I’m flabbier than I was. And stretch markier. And a little more self-conscious, obviously. Besides, I had to learn how to manage a little person, and so did Rob, since he’d be babysitting.

BUT. Now the little dude is 9 months old, and sleeps through the night pretty well every single night, so I am free to have some fun again without feeling like a bad mom.

For my first trip back, I decided to go all the way and meet up with T (an old friend I used to work with – kind of funny, actually, as he wasn’t in the Life back then) and J, his buddy. J is hot, exactly the type of guy I am attracted to. Sort of shy, but very sexy. T I have a bit more trouble with because he is a Real Life guy. I really have a very strong dividing line between Real Life and fun life, you know? But I figured here was my chance to have two guys at the same time again!

I drove up to their house at around midnight last Wednesday. As requested, I wore jeans and a low-cut top with no bra. J likes to see my big boobs jiggle, I guess. T’s wife was at work, his kids asleep. He showed me into J’s room so I could get to know him a bit first before T joined us. J was laying on his bed, and gave me a hug. Everyone seemed a bit nervous, even me. Finally he kissed me, and his hands found their way to my breasts. Now I was remembering what I was missing! My panties were already wet with anticipation. I wanted this really badly. My hands stroked J’s chest, his thighs, the crease of his cargo shorts. I felt the bulge in his pants and he moaned. I pushed him backwards, and pulled off his shorts. His cock sprung out, glad to be free. He was long and slender, my favourite kind.

I gently wrapped my mouth around the tip of his shaft, and tasted the pre-cum there. Just the taste of it made me shiver with anticipation – why did I wait so long?? I slowly ate more and more of his cock, cradling his balls in my hand, while he groaned with pleasure. At that point I felt hands behind me, pulling my jeans over my hips. I shifted my balance and felt Terry stroking my pussy, pushing his fingers deep inside. I groaned and sucked harder on J’s cock, loving every minute of the attention.

T stood up, and suggested we go to his room, where there was more room to play. I released J’s cock, but he wasn’t ready yet. T stood back while J laid me back on his small bed and deftly slid that hard shaft into my pussy. I almost yelped with pleasure – he was gentle and slow but the way he moved put me already on the edge of cumming. Only a few men have been able to do that – that slow steady glide that makes me beg them to pound it in and finish the job. Too soon, J stopped, and we all stood up to go to T’s room.

When we got there we all laid on the bed, J on my right, T on my left. I played with their cocks while they stroked my breasts. J then slid to the bottom of the bed and put his mouth on my pussy. Now you all know how I feel about oral on me. Most of the time it’s a waste of time (not really, but you know). I like it, but kinda like I like kissing. It’s alright, let’s get to the fucking. Ha. There have been a cherished few who really know what they’re doing on me. J is one of them. His tongue, fingers, and teeth licked, nibbled, and thrust their way right to my core and fairly soon he had me writhing with pleasure and begging them to put their cocks in me. I didn’t care who, I just wanted it. They wouldn’t though – J was determined to finish the job. I stroked T’s cock while he played with my tits, and J kept flicking my clit with his tongue while ramming me with his fingers, stroking my G-spot. Finally the waves I was riding got a lot bigger, and I was cumming, hard, arching my back, biting back a scream. He kept his grip and didn’t release me while my orgasm went on and on. Finally I came down, with a smile on my face. I have to say, even though I don’t like it much most of the time, when I do cum by oral it is the best fucking orgasm out there. J is now in a class with the kid and the black dude. God.

Now I was fully satisfied and had two hard boys waiting their turn. I turned my attention to T’s cock, a large thick member. Rob would be pleased if I fucked him, for sure. He asked me to suck him, to prove my boasts of giving the best blow job ever. Unfortunately, I kind of feel bad as I don’t think I gave him my best. I was distracted by J standing beside us, and while I sucked T’s shaft I played with J’s balls. But T didn’t seem to mind my distraction as he was getting really hard. Finally he asked me if I wanted to fuck, and holy crap did I ever. Oral orgasm or no, a fucking hard shaft in my pussy is what I really really wanted. I climbed up and mounted him like a cowgirl, thrusting his whole thick cock deep inside in one go. I kept fondling J’s cock beside us while I rode up and down T’s cock.

“I’m going to come, oh…do you want me to come inside you?” T moaned, and in answer I thrust my hips harder, grinding my pelvis against his. I felt his hot cum as he groaned in pleasure, pushing his cock deep inside me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see J gripping his own pulsating cock and knew that he was ready too. T slipped out of me, and I lay beside him, back in the middle of the bed, as J lay down behind me.

I felt T’s cum dripping from my swollen pussy as J pushed the head of his long shaft between my soft ass cheeks and slipped easily into my hot cunt. I felt his body tense as he thrust, and I pushed my ass back against his belly. Again he had that slow glide that I fucking cannot get enough of. I think it’s because of his long and lean dick. Rob can do it as well, and a few other dudes do it naturally – the paramedic was one of the best.

J was gritting his teeth, and I was just plain enjoying the sensation. He pulled out to ease up a bit (J is not fixed, and unfortunately was not allowed to cum inside me) and I chuckled. I love that feeling –when a guy is so close and throbbing and his balls tighten up in anticipation of shooting that lovely load. His whole body is tense and you can tell he just wants to fucking thrust his hips and plow that cock deep inside you while his balls contract and he blows a stream of hot cum deep into your pussy. But he knows he can’t so he trembles and pulls out, gritting his teeth. How much fun is that? We played like that for a bit, teasing, thrusting, pulling out to groan in sweet agony. The whole time I was facing T and playing with his happy dick. Finally J slipped all the way out, pressing his wet cock (wet with my juices, T’s cum, and his own pre-cum) against the small of my back, and growling into the back of my neck “I am going to come soon if we keep this up. “ I chuckled again, and he stood up on his knees while I turned towards him and willingly sucked his cock deep into my mouth. It was really only a few moments, a few thrusts, and I felt his balls tighten in my hands. He gritted his teeth, moaning and thrusting as his cock exploded into my throat. I sucked up every last drop as he bent over, putting his hands on the bed, unable to balance as he came so hard.

We all collapsed back onto the bed, completely satisfied. What a night!

As usual, I texted Rob as soon as I got in the car to go home, to let him know I was on my way. I could tell he was excited. I mean, my 13-month hiatus affected him as well, since he loves this so much. All the way home he asked me questions. He was disappointed that we didn’t take pictures (I was going to but we got caught up in the fun and forgot). He asked me if I got there, where each of them came, what we did. I knew what was in store when I got home, and sure enough he was tucked into bed, the lights out.

I quickly stripped and crawled in beside him. I reached out and felt his cock, already hard. Quietly we whispered back and forth about the fun I’d had while I stroked him and he got harder and harder. He loved the idea of me being subject to 2 men, and as always, he wanted more. We talked about scheduling a gang bang, or a bukkake party, and I felt him begin to thrum with anticipation. We talked about previous encounters and he mentioned how much he loved to fuck me with another man’s cum in me. I laughed and said he could do that now.

I straddled him as I had done T earlier in the evening, and he slipped in easily, feeling the cum of another man oozing out of his wife’s hot pussy. Gasping, he only lasted a few moments before cumming hard enough for me to feel it.

I love my life.
Sunday, June 20th, 2010
3:06 am
Saturday, April 24th, 2010
12:59 pm
Threesome with our new friend, "Lefty
We'd already met him on two previous occasions, and Silk Panties liked him a lot for his charm and good looks, but our schedules were out of synch and we hadn't had the opportunity to play. Months had passed and SP was worried that she'd get a reputation for being a tease, so we contacted him again.

He was delighted. He came to our place, arriving with chocolates and a big grin. Normally, we'd make small talk in the living room for a while before moving upstairs to the bedroom, but no sooner had our friend arrived, as our roommate (who is almost ALWAYS gone on weekends) pulled up right behind him! We quickly explained, and whisked him upstairs before unsuspecting roomie came in the front door. Read more...Collapse )
Thursday, March 11th, 2010
1:50 pm
Plans to expand "the hour game"
Last weekend, Silk Panties suggested that we play "the hour game" again. That's where we spend the day at home, doing all the usual kinds of household projects couples do - laundry, cleaning, home maintenance, etc., but we stop what we're doing every hour to go upstairs and sexually torment each other for ten minutes. The twist is that I can't come. I save it until night time. SP, however, is free to come as much as she is capable of - but it has to happen within that ten minute window. Even if she's right on the brink and begging for it -- I deny her if the ten minutes are up.
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Now, all we need is to find out if one of our single guy friends has an interest in that kind of scenario, and when we might have a day free.

Silk Panties is so fucking hot.
Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
10:48 am
Our Sexual Adventures in 2009
2008 was when we took the leap into including other people in our sexual adventures. We worked out how we wanted to play, created our AFF profile, met and played with some single men and couples. We visited our first lifestyle, clothing optional campground. We went to our first swinger dances. 2008 was a very good year. And here's how 2009 went:

We met fewer people, but had better results with a few exceptions.

We played twice with our athlete friend. Silk Panties recalls those play sessions among the highlights of her year. She was especially gratified and proud that she was able to take him up her ass. It was super hot.

We had more fun with our soft-swap friends, the Pirate Hat Couple, at a swingers dance, then a great play session back at their place. http://sir-jonathan.livejournal.com/53022.html

We had a one-time play date with another couple. It was a highlight for me because the woman was so playful and responsive – and enjoyed having me flog her tits. It was less memorable for SP. Although the guy was sweet and sensual, he was not very exciting. http://sir-jonathan.livejournal.com/55804.html

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A happy 2010 to you all!
Friday, December 11th, 2009
7:51 pm

Friday, October 23rd, 2009
12:33 pm
Another small but very positive step!
The lover my wife has had for a bit is flaking out on her big time (what can ya expect from a 21 year old?) But she's not dismayed, she's ever thinking of going out to find another! She brought up going out to a bar or club to pick someone up. My shy innocent wife wants to go hunting. Yes!
Saturday, October 10th, 2009
9:29 am
Sharing my wife
This summer, we've mostly played with our friends, the Pirate Hat Couple, and it's been a while since we entertained a single guy in a threesome - until last night!

Silk Panties had been corresponding with this guy, "En" on AFF since spring, but our schedules never synced up to meet. But he had a good profile and wrote intelligent and intriguing e-mails, so SP kept in touch. We finally arranged to meet in person last week. As we sat in the pub waiting for him to arrive, SP actually said that she didn't care if showed or not - that she thought she might be done with this, that the novelty had worn off. I asked her to just keep an open mind.

Well - we all three hit it off right away. Chatted for a couple hours, and it never felt strained or awkward. The conversation flowed seamlessly from vanilla topics to kinky disclosure and back. He was charming and animated and fun. It was a green light all around.

For a week, En and I corresponded. I told him how we like to play, our turn ons and turn offs. It turns out that we have very similar tastes. We shared ideas, setting up a scene together to surprise her. And she trusted us to do this - agreeing to whatever we had in mind. That was new for us, and turned out to be really, really fun. It went like this: Read more...Collapse )
Thursday, September 24th, 2009
6:17 pm
Just thought i'd popp in and say hi!

Ms. Sweet
Thursday, August 27th, 2009
3:32 pm
I Play the Bull
A friend recommended I post these stories in this community. The intro is below; there are two parts so far, and another one or two are on the way, depending on how long it takes to tell the tale. It is true in its essentials, though I am sure time and authorial voice have embellished some of the details. Regardless, enjoy.

I met Diane on-line several years ago. At the time she was married with two children. We talked and flirted via web cam. Nothing too risqué, though she did have a kinky streak that we discussed. In fact, that was a source of some discontent in her marriage. She had a definite sexually submissive streak, but her husband didn't have a dominant bone in his body. She'd gotten so frustrated she attempted to nag him, hoping to provoke a dominant reaction. Predictably, that just caused him to withdraw.

From talking via web cam I knew she hadn't lost a step in the attractiveness department even after two kids. She had cute, almost pixieish features, with a short tinker-bell haircut and gorgeous blue eyes. She had an amazing rack. Normally, I prefer smaller breasts, but she had an athletic build and nice, large tits that really suited her. With her short stature she had a sort of gymnasts build, excepting of course her breasts.

I Play the Bull. Part 1

I Play the Bull. Part 2

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
5:57 am
Colorado Springs Cuckolding
As much as we love Marvin & Deborah, we don't get to play with them very often anymore, and Saturday afternoon's visit was no exception. However, while Sheryl spent a quiet Saturday evening catching up on some sleep, I kept a play date I had made several weeks ago with Colorado Springs Couple ("CSC"). This was actually our second such play date, as earlier this year the three of us got together with The Fonz so he and I could double-team the wife. The photos posted below are from that earlier encounter.

My history with CSC goes back to at least 2000, when I met them at parties for the Pikes Peak Playhouse prior to my relationship with Sheryl. Several years later, Sheryl got to know them when we all served on Team Lifestyles at the Lifestyles Convention. However, it wasn't until last October that I had the pleasure of playing with the wife, a 30-something Latina. After spending many years involved in conventional swinging with other couples, they are now starting to get involved in the interracial cuckolding scene.

At my suggestion, we had some dinner at my neighborhood restaurant Saturday night prior to heading to a nearby hotel. Coincidentally, this was the same hotel where Sheryl & I made our first attempts at hosting interracial swing parties. The wife and I started to get busy when the husband stepped out for a moment, and when he came back in immediately grabbed his camera and started taking photos. After some oral, missionary, cowgirl and doggie-style sex, we concluded the evening with a massive cumshot to her lovely tits.

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Thursday, May 21st, 2009
12:54 pm
Getting Into Swapping
Hi Everyone!

We're an open minded couple who are just getting into the swinging / swapping lifestyle. Just had a few questions for those more seasoned vets out there:

Poll #1403468 Swapping for Beginners!

How do you prefer to meet people / What works best for you?

Online / Internet
Swing Clubs
Regular / Vanilla Bars
Parties and Events
Word of Mouth

Do You enjoy maintaining ongoing relationships (even if just friendship) with swappers / people in the lifestyle?


Where do you interract with other swappers most online?

Live journal
Swinger / Swapper based websites
General / Vanilla social Networking Sites (MySpace- Facebook)
Yahoo Groups

What's your favorite swinger's website / community for people in the lifestyle?

thanks for helping us learn the ettiquette and what works best.

Much Love,

Jerry N Terri
Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
6:27 pm
don't ask; earth

...and to tell you the truth,
i don't mind it if a girl is a bitch
as long as she is half as intelligent
as she is hot.
Sunday, March 8th, 2009
9:34 pm
MY GF fucks multiple BBC's while I watch
An erotic story I wrote, hope you enjoy it. I wrote more on my blog if you wish to read (NSFW pictures).

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Thursday, February 19th, 2009
6:04 am
Is Watching My Wife Weird?
It's interesting that this question posed to Dan & Jennifer came from a fellow living in Colorado. We don't have any statistics to back this up, but based on our personal observations, Colorado is a hot spot for the hot wife lifestyle. Given that there are so many husbands everywhere that enjoy watching their wives get banged by well-endowed men, there can't be anything weird about it. Besides, as long as it involves consenting adults enjoying themselves, why should it matter how unusual the activity is?

Wife WatchingCollapse )

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
6:16 am
Tattoo You
The Queen of Spades.Since 2004, Sheryl has been selling Queen of Spades Temporary Tattoos in an effort to popularize that symbol among women who prefer the company of black men. That effort seems to be working, as we have come across a number of ladies that have gone a step farther and had permanent QOS tattoos drawn upon their bodies. The photos below are several examples of this artwork, and we admire the creativity that was put into some of the designs. If any of our readers would like to show off their QOS tattoos, please contact us with a photo and the story behind your tattoo and we will gladly feature you on our blog!

See the TattoosCollapse )

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
7:22 am
She's Got Personality
Not every woman in the swing lifestyle is cut out to be a hot wife. As much as Sheryl enjoys playing with other men, she is not interested in dating solo or turning Greg into a submissive cuckold. Consequently, we always play as a couple, although we occasionally pursue our own partners while attending the same party. However, Greg's college girlfriend Lula had the perfect personality for the hotwife lifestyle, even though she may not have realized it while they were dating.

College MemoriesCollapse )

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
11:46 pm
Some legs

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