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Tattoo You

The Queen of Spades.Since 2004, Sheryl has been selling Queen of Spades Temporary Tattoos in an effort to popularize that symbol among women who prefer the company of black men. That effort seems to be working, as we have come across a number of ladies that have gone a step farther and had permanent QOS tattoos drawn upon their bodies. The photos below are several examples of this artwork, and we admire the creativity that was put into some of the designs. If any of our readers would like to show off their QOS tattoos, please contact us with a photo and the story behind your tattoo and we will gladly feature you on our blog!

Keeping things simple, this lady has a basic queen of spades tattoo on her right shoulder blade.

The queen of spades design makes a great centerpiece for this lady's tramp stamp.

A very detailed variation of the queen of spades symbol.

This QOS tattoo lets everyone know this lady is owned by her black master.
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