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I Play the Bull

A friend recommended I post these stories in this community. The intro is below; there are two parts so far, and another one or two are on the way, depending on how long it takes to tell the tale. It is true in its essentials, though I am sure time and authorial voice have embellished some of the details. Regardless, enjoy.

I met Diane on-line several years ago. At the time she was married with two children. We talked and flirted via web cam. Nothing too risqué, though she did have a kinky streak that we discussed. In fact, that was a source of some discontent in her marriage. She had a definite sexually submissive streak, but her husband didn't have a dominant bone in his body. She'd gotten so frustrated she attempted to nag him, hoping to provoke a dominant reaction. Predictably, that just caused him to withdraw.

From talking via web cam I knew she hadn't lost a step in the attractiveness department even after two kids. She had cute, almost pixieish features, with a short tinker-bell haircut and gorgeous blue eyes. She had an amazing rack. Normally, I prefer smaller breasts, but she had an athletic build and nice, large tits that really suited her. With her short stature she had a sort of gymnasts build, excepting of course her breasts.

I Play the Bull. Part 1

I Play the Bull. Part 2

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