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Our Sexual Adventures in 2009

2008 was when we took the leap into including other people in our sexual adventures. We worked out how we wanted to play, created our AFF profile, met and played with some single men and couples. We visited our first lifestyle, clothing optional campground. We went to our first swinger dances. 2008 was a very good year. And here's how 2009 went:

We met fewer people, but had better results with a few exceptions.

We played twice with our athlete friend. Silk Panties recalls those play sessions among the highlights of her year. She was especially gratified and proud that she was able to take him up her ass. It was super hot.

We had more fun with our soft-swap friends, the Pirate Hat Couple, at a swingers dance, then a great play session back at their place.

We had a one-time play date with another couple. It was a highlight for me because the woman was so playful and responsive – and enjoyed having me flog her tits. It was less memorable for SP. Although the guy was sweet and sensual, he was not very exciting.

We attended our first house party. I would love to do more of this in 2010. Need to reestablish that connection and find new friends who are as enthused about the house party scene as we were.

We had our first experience where fuzzy boundaries led to some unpleasant groping and awkwardness.

We had an awesome, soft-swap foursome on Pirate Hat couple’s boat!

A new, single male friend and I collaborated to make a very erotic night for SP, arranging it so that the first time we played, she was already prepared, dressed and blindfolded – just standing in the bedroom, waiting for him. We played together for a long time before she ever even saw him. Soooooo hot!

How we did on the 2009 wish list

Visit some of the BDSM munches to meet some more playful, creative, kinky people.
Limited success. One munch, one workshop, one discussion group. Tried, but didn’t find anyone to connect with. We will try again.

Be more intentional about doing one-on-one "scenes."
Limited success. We definitely did more bondage, but most long scenes were with play partners. I want to be more intentional about creating long scenes for just the two of us.

More bondage sex.
Success. Loved the rope tricks and techniques I learned from the Two Knotty Boys book I got. SP is requesting to be tied up more often.More of that in 2010.

Giving SP more “Assignments.”
Fail. This goes back to the locked box and playful, sexual “assignments” I give her. We still talk about it, but haven’t enacted or come up with new ones for a long time. Will re-institute this game.

Drawing the colored bead.
Another fun sex game that we didn’t follow through on. The idea is for SP to draw a colored bead to determine if she will receive "punishment" or reward. (Which translates into whether we play the way she likes best or the way I like best. And no worries – there’s plenty of overlap between punishment and reward!)

Try some more serious flogging and maybe a gag.
Limited success. No gag (we’re both too impatient to get my cock in her mouth.) And almost no “flogging.” BUT – SP has come around to appreciating the crop – swats on the ass are OK, light flicks to the nipples are OK and even encouraged when she’s especially aroused, but she really loves it when she’s bound and I whip her pussy with it. She loves how it makes her swell and get so tight and wet. Part of bringing back the bead game will be to gradually reintroduce flogging. (I LOVE to slap and whip her tits!)

Encourage SP to share more of her experiences from her perspective (in her journal).
Fail. We have talked about this again. We’ll see.

Create an erotic podcast based on my journal entries, and maybe supplemented by SP and I discussing the entries and expanding on them.
Fail. I have the material, a mic, a book and GarageBand, but need to experiment more or take a class to figure out editing and uploading. Will try again.

Try anal sex more often - to find out if we can get SP more comfortable with it so she can enjoy greater success more often, and she wants to try fucking me with a strap on.
Fail. The memories and experience of discomfort and difficulty have been a detterent, even though we both know that when it does work, it’s an amazing experience. Will try again.

Attend a sex party, and see SP "used" as per the "Lollipop game" that M and S described to us.
Fail. BUT, SP is increasingly enthusiastic about the idea of being with three or more men at the same time – using her in every way, coming all over her. Let’s see what we can make happen in 2010!

Find a couple who shares our enthusiasm for mixed group play, as opposed to just swapping and playing side by side.
Fail (Not counting Pirate Hat Couple, who are great, but limited in their play potential). We may have a strong lead on a new couple we met and are enthused about, but it’s too soon to tell, since we haven’t actually played. Looking forward to continuing the search.

Incorporate more bondage and erotic tension into our group play.
Success! There’s been at least some bondage involved in almost every encounter we’ve had – some pretty elaborate. And OMG! I can’t believe I didn’t write a post about Pirate Hat Couple at the campground! Lots of ongoing group play with rope harnesses, leather halters, switches, spanking, etc, culminating in a super intense scene where we tied the lady pirate between two trees, blindfolded, arms overhead, and the three of us worked her over until she was completely wrecked – and she’d never experienced anything like it before. Will definitely continue this for 2010.

And, as a long shot, live out a fantasy SP shared with me in which SP is bound and gagged and "forced" to watch me dominate another woman, going back and forth between them. Didn’t happen yet but I will continue to hope.

A happy 2010 to you all!
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