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Threesome with our new friend, "Lefty

We'd already met him on two previous occasions, and Silk Panties liked him a lot for his charm and good looks, but our schedules were out of synch and we hadn't had the opportunity to play. Months had passed and SP was worried that she'd get a reputation for being a tease, so we contacted him again.

He was delighted. He came to our place, arriving with chocolates and a big grin. Normally, we'd make small talk in the living room for a while before moving upstairs to the bedroom, but no sooner had our friend arrived, as our roommate (who is almost ALWAYS gone on weekends) pulled up right behind him! We quickly explained, and whisked him upstairs before unsuspecting roomie came in the front door.

We all sat on the bed - me leaning against the headboard, SP and "Lefty" at the foot of the bed. He took her hand, and gazed into her eyes. We only talked a few minutes before he leaned forward to nuzzle her erect nipple through her translucent blouse. She cooed and cradled him, holding his head to her breast. His hands went up her legs, under her skirt. I peeled off my shirt, he pulled SP's blouse over her head and she undressed him. We were all eager, but it didn't seemed rushed. He was dark, solidly built and very hairy, except for his shaved cock and balls. As you might have guessed, his cock curved sharply to the left.

His hands were all over SP. He clearly appreciated her body. She lay back in just her panties, looking radiant as he stroked her and kissed his way down her body, pulled down her panties and knelt beside the bed to eat her out. Very nice!

I was kissing her, looking into her eyes, playing with her tits, and letting her suck me. When he came back up, she asked him to kneel beside her so she could suck him. She was really into treating him, using hands and mouth and writhing under him as I played with her pussy. He LOVED it. So much so, that after only a few minutes, he started coming in her mouth, on her face and tits.

I was afraid that that might have been the end of it - way too soon - but no. After just a short break for water and expressions of appreciation, SP asked if he was too tender, or if it would be all right if she sucked him some more. He loved the offer, and was hard again in no time. I was really into sitting back and watching, and when I saw how turned on SP was getting, I brought out the little vibrator and masturbated her with it until she came - gasping and spasming while she tried to keep his cock in her mouth.

Then SP became very directive - asking him to please fuck her from behind while she leaned over the bed and sucked me. As much as she wanted two cocks in her, I made her wait for it. I held her face in my hands and we looked into each others' eyes as he pushed his cock into her. I watched his hand move from her hips to her quaking tits as he thrust into her. Finally, I moved in front of her and let her take my cock in her mouth.

It feels really good and is especially exciting to feel her hot, gasping breath on my cock, and the little hitches as she is shoved against me while another man fucks her. Then we switched, and I fucked her while she sucked him. Then she asked to move onto the bench. She lay back - legs spread on the rests, her head at the right level to suck me, her hips at the right height for him to fuck her. He thrust up into her long and hard, making her gasp with every stroke. She was so wet, and eager to come again. I asked her if she was going to come with his cock inside of her, and she said yes. She was slamming her hips to meet him and he was doing all the right things - fucking in a firm, steady rhythm, tugging her nipples, groaning, but her orgasm seemed elusive. I asked if she wanted a toy. She asked for the Hitachi, a rare request. She held it between them, asking if it was OK for him, asking if he could feel the vibrators through her cunt. He loved it. So did I. I gave her my cock, and we both admired the way she was sucking and fucking and playing with herself. As she came the second time, Lefty took hold of the vibe and I pulled away to hold her arms above her head, pinning her down as she came on his cock.

Then it was our turn to finish. We eased her off the bench - weak, flushed and trembling - and had her kneel between us. He took off the condom, and we stood, one on either side, as she went back and forth between us, sucking, jacking, arching her back and encouraging us to come all over her. He went first, starting in her mouth, then pulling out to jack off onto her face. She looked so incredibly hot at that moment, so eager to receive his cum, that I came too, rocketing a high, arching load that fell across her face and hair, and then a second and third that spattered her tits.

It was glorious!
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