Greg and Sheryl (greg69sheryl) wrote in hotwives,
Greg and Sheryl

She's Got Personality

Not every woman in the swing lifestyle is cut out to be a hot wife. As much as Sheryl enjoys playing with other men, she is not interested in dating solo or turning Greg into a submissive cuckold. Consequently, we always play as a couple, although we occasionally pursue our own partners while attending the same party. However, Greg's college girlfriend Lula had the perfect personality for the hotwife lifestyle, even though she may not have realized it while they were dating.

Lula was very sexually impulsive. If she met a guy and genuinely liked him, he was probably getting at least a blowjob out of the deal. She absolutely loved the taste of cum, so oral to completion was a favorite activity of hers. She was also very open-minded and highly orgasmic, which made her a hell of a lot of fun in bed.

When Lula and Greg shared an apartment in Austin, Texas during the summer of 1987, she came home late one night after an evening of dancing with some of her friends. The following morning, Greg noticed some white flakes in her eyebrow and correctly indentified these flakes as dried semen. After some questioning, she admitted that she and her friends had a little orgy after leaving the nightclub and that her playmate ended the night by giving her a cum facial. She felt quite guilty about her indiscretion, but Greg thought it was pretty hot!

Later, she outdid herself at a New Year's Eve party that rang in 1991. Somehow, a fellow she met that night was given the privilege of fucking her in the ass, even though she had never successfully practiced anal sex before. Much to her surprise, she enjoyed it so much that Greg got to bang her in the butt for the first time just a couple of days later. It was incredibly exciting to hear her talk about her spontaneous encounters, but it wasn't until many years later that Greg discovered how much of a lifestyle this was for so many other couples.

Greg's college girlfriend Lula, circa 1986.
Greg's college girlfriend Lula, circa 1986.
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