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MY GF fucks multiple BBC's while I watch

An erotic story I wrote, hope you enjoy it. I wrote more on my blog if you wish to read (NSFW pictures).


“You better be ready by 4PM,” I said and I hung up. Nothing further
needed to be said to Julie. It started off innocently enough; simply a
way for her to pay for her boyfriends debts. He borrowed $200 and
unwilling to pay cash, I wanted Julie’s pussy. This has been going on
now for almost a year now and I’m sure the $200 has long been paid off.
But that doesn’t stop Julie, I can tell she’s hooked to the idea. The
more I keep calling her the more she loves it. Her boyfriend is such a
wimpy man and until I came along the woman had no sex life. Once he saw
me pound her like the slut she is suddenly their sex life was revived. I
guess you could consider me a relationship savior.

The sex between Julie and I got nastier and better all the time; and she
always insisted that her boyfriend watch in the corner, at first because
she was paying off his debts with her body, but then later because she
got off on humiliating him. The strange thing was he got rock hard every
time and enjoyed himself greatly watching his plump girlfriend take big
black dick, I chuckle at the thought.


Tonight I had something very special planned for the two of them. I knew
this place in the city where wimpy husbands drop off their white wives
to get fucked by groups of horny black men. I arrived at Julie’s house
15 minutes early and walked right in the door. Julie and her boyfriend
were watching TV together and I ordered her to come over and suck my dick.

She knelled between me and her boyfriend, unzipping my pants, revealing
my huge 9 inch black tool. As thick as a soda can, the bitch sure could
take it down like a pro. She always flicked her tongue rapidly over the
purple head and tugged on my nuts as she did. Julie always makes a lot
of noise when sucking on my dick, much to my and her boyfriends benefit.
The way she slurps my cock reminds me of a slut who hasn’t took a dick
in years, which of course was the case before I came along. She loves it
when I grab the back of her hair and shove my black dick down her
throat, banging her chin with my swollen nuts.

“Suck that dick, take it all you slut” I tell her. She gags a little but
continues to lovingly swirl that delicious tongue all up and down my
shaft. Julie confessed to me once over the phone that sometimes she
makes her boyfriend kiss her after she’s taken my load in her mouth. I
guess the little fuck loves it too, guess he sucks my cum right out of
her pussy when I leave. I pulled my dick out of her mouth. I wanted to
save my load for her later, I had better plans than poping in this sluts

“Okay, let’s get in the car, we’re going to a real special place”. We
all went outside and into the car, Julie sitting in front as she always
does. We drove a few miles into a shady part of town. They didn’t even
say a word. I pulled up near a park where I saw a group of three or four
black guys playing basketball. I pulled my pants down a bit and ordered
Julie to continue where she left off at the house.

She greedily took the whole dick in her mouth, cupping and rolling my
balls as she did. I noticed the guys saw what was going on and I
motioned for them to come over. Her sexy white mouth looked great
wrapped around my big black dick and I knew she needed more black dicks.
The guys approached her side of the door as she kept on sucking my dick.
One tapped on the window. Shocked, Julie got off my dick and saw three
black men staring into the window.

“Bitch, hike down that fucking skirt and open your door. Let ‘em see
your fat white ass” I told her. She did exactly what I commanded. Her
skirt was quickly removed and I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties, her
bald white pussy and juicy ass just there for the taking. I swear her
ass is pretty wide and juicy, and I could tell the guy’s where hard as
rocks. It’s what black men like us need, we need plump white girls
because our cocks are so huge. We bottom out on regular sized girls and
with a juicy pussy like Julie’s, I knew these guys would have the time
of their lives. All of them already had their black dicks in their
hands. Julie opened the door and returned to sucking my cock.

“O shit, damn, look at that ass!” one of the guys said.

“That’s a fat white ass right there,” his friend replied.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth and got out of the car and went
towards her side. I told the guys to wait their turn, I needed to bust
my big black dick in that fat pussy first. I slammed into her sex, not
taking anytime to slowly ease my way into her snatch. She screamed but
she loved it, she always loved being taken like a whore. If she doesn’t
feel like a whore she won’t cum and I was damned if I’d let her go home
tonight without at least a few orgasms.

“You like that whore! Fucking you with this big black dick. Take it!” I
pounded her with such power the car was rocking, her ass jiggled like an
earthquake which only brought me closer. I peered through the window and
saw her boyfriend in the backseat stroking his little cock and I laughed.

“Look at that Julie! Look’s like he’s eager to suck out all this black
cum from your juicy white pussy, ain’t that right Ryan!”

I continued fucking her cunt like a well-oiled machine. She moaned with
every thrust, sending torrents of thick pussy cream running down my dick
and balls. I told her to tell the boys behind me what she was. She knew
what she was but didn’t say it loud enough. I slapped her ass while
pounding her even faster.

“Louder bitch! I want them to hear you!” I yelled.

“I’m a dirty whore! I love this black dick! Ohhh god I’m cumming!” she
replied moaning. I couldn’t take it, the sight was too beautiful, I
erupted and my black balls were pumping cum into her white pussy. She
withered and moaned, cumming around my cock which only resulted in more
spurts from my cock. I slowly removed my black dick and cum just poured
from her cunt. I stepped out of the way and another black dick was
pounding her love tunnel. He was obviously very worked up because he
only lasted a minute or two.

I took another peek through the window and I could see that her
boyfriend had already cummed as well, splattering Julie’s seat in front
of him. He kept tugging on his cock and I gave him a smile. Boy oh boy
he was going to have a lot of black cum to suck out of his girlfriends
cunt tonight! I watched as all the guys took multiple turns fucking
Julie. She cummed non-stop, kept repeating how she loved black dick, how
her boyfriend could never fuck her like these gentlemen were doing. Her
cunt was making disgusting slopping sounds as all the cum poured out of
her swollen hole. The last guy grunted as he dumped another load into
her, falling on top of her fat ass exhausted. Julie was withering in bliss.

I got back into the car and drove them back home. As soon we all got
inside and I closed the door, Julie pushed her boyfriend to the ground
and stood over his face. She dropped her skirt and spread her pussy lips
wide for him. He eagerly started lapping at her pussy, not wasting a
single drop.

“Go on you fuck, suck that fucking pussy, how’s that black cum and my
pussy juice taste sweetie” she said as she grabbed his head and forced
him deeper into used cunt.



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