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Sharing my wife

This summer, we've mostly played with our friends, the Pirate Hat Couple, and it's been a while since we entertained a single guy in a threesome - until last night!

Silk Panties had been corresponding with this guy, "En" on AFF since spring, but our schedules never synced up to meet. But he had a good profile and wrote intelligent and intriguing e-mails, so SP kept in touch. We finally arranged to meet in person last week. As we sat in the pub waiting for him to arrive, SP actually said that she didn't care if showed or not - that she thought she might be done with this, that the novelty had worn off. I asked her to just keep an open mind.

Well - we all three hit it off right away. Chatted for a couple hours, and it never felt strained or awkward. The conversation flowed seamlessly from vanilla topics to kinky disclosure and back. He was charming and animated and fun. It was a green light all around.

For a week, En and I corresponded. I told him how we like to play, our turn ons and turn offs. It turns out that we have very similar tastes. We shared ideas, setting up a scene together to surprise her. And she trusted us to do this - agreeing to whatever we had in mind. That was new for us, and turned out to be really, really fun. It went like this:

The night before last, I shaved SP's pussy, and we picked out her wardrobe, based on what En and I had discussed. Then SP and I fucked while I teased her about what En and I "might" do to her - how it might go, building the anticipation while also helping prepare her for it.

On the day of our date, he arrived right on time. I greeted him at the door and we grinned at each other like mischievous school boys. I described the setup and escorted him upstairs to the bedroom. I brought up wine, ice water and some other treats to surprise SP.

I gestured to En to open the bedroom door. Candles were lit, the lights were dimmed, but there was plenty of light for him to see what we had prepared for him.

SP was standing, facing the open door. Blindfolded. Collared. Hands behind her back. Cuffs at wrist and ankles. Wearing her black and silver brocade corset over a short, black slip. Matching black thong panties. Fishnet, thigh-high stockings and high-heel pumps.

She looked gorgeous - especially with her chin lifted, lips slightly parted, her breathing fast and shallow from nervous excitement.

It started slow and sensual, just like we'd discussed. I let him take the lead while I followed. He greeted her gently, touching her warmly but respectfully, almost reverently. No hurry. Pulling her in against him, stroking her sides, face, neck, waist, legs. Giving her light, light kisses.

Then we brought out the little surprises - sliced strawberries, blackberries, chocolate covered cranberries, whipped cream, wine. We took turns touching her lips and feeding her little dollops of cream and slivers of fruit, and kissing her. I also teased her with a grapefruit spoon, running the smooth, chilled bowl over her hot skin, then stroking her with the pointy tip, providing a lot of varied sensation. As we watched her respond, our caresses gradually got bolder and more direct. We seated her on a hassock and I stood behind her, pressing my hard-on against her back and massaging her neck and shoulders as he ran his hands across her chest.

Eventually, he slipped her straps down and off her shoulders, baring her breasts. We caressed and sucked her nipples. He lifted her and turned her around so that she was on all fours, leaning on the hassock. I faced her, held her (she was still blindfolded) while he played with her from behind. I couldn't see exactly what he was doing to her, but she responded strongly, so I moved the hassock, pressed her face and chest all the way down to floor, and sat in front of her, teasing her with my cock while he fingered her to her first orgasm.

Then we pulled her up to her knees, offered her sips of water and wine before letting her suck us. I allowed her to focus in him, teasing her with long, light strokes from the crop - just tracing her arms, legs, sides - and occasionally flicking her nipples and insides of her thighs.

We put her on her back on the bed, slipped off her panties, and took turns feeding her our cocks, licking her, fingering her and using the vibrator. I pinned her arms above her head while he got her off again - very hard - very long and drawn out. She was thrashing and squealing, finally begging us to stop. It was only then that she asked us to remove the blindfold. After she collected herself a little bit, I suggested that we should move her to our adjustable sex chair (the one like a weight bench, with leg rests.) We teased her that now it was our turn to just use her for our pleasure. She grinned and said that she wasn't finished yet.

We positioned her flat on her back, legs up on the rests. I adjusted both ends of the bench so that her mouth and cunt were at a comfortable height for us to access. He started at her head and she sucked him enthusiastically for a long time. I teased her pussy with my cock, sliding up and down, in and out. Then we switched. He slipped on a condom. She bucked up her tight, wet pussy to meet his cock as he thrust into her for the first time. While he fucked her cunt, I fucked her mouth. I also alternated between trailing the silky rope flogger across her tits and flicking her with the crop. He really worked it, watching her reactions, varying his pace, angle, the force of his thrusts.

It was a unique thrill to feel her bumping against me as he drove her deeper onto me, feeling her hot gasps on my cock.

After a while, I told him that if he wanted, he could come on her. He liked that. She did too.

We switched again. I pressed up into her cunt as he stripped off the condom and went back into her mouth - intent on finishing this time. And it was obvious that she wanted to make it great for him. She licked, sucked, took him deep, slathered him with her tongue, sucked and licked his balls, encouraged him to rub it all over her.

And I was thrusting away, feeling her squeeze me with her greedy pussy. I told him he could finish wherever he wanted - in her mouth, on her face, on her tits. He pulled away, just long enough to ask her where she wanted it.

"On my tits," she gasped. "Come on my tits ..."
And within a minute or so, he was spurting across her neck, chest and tits.

He was reeling, completely drained, almost collapsing onto the bed. While he watched, I pulled SP from the bench and positioned her on her knees. I plunged back into her mouth. She raised her arms, clasped her hands behind her head, bracing herself. I shot a load all over her flushed, trembling tits. And she held the pose, shivering as our cum slid down her body.

We lounged for a while afterward, coming back to the world leisurely, cleaning up, sipping our wine, expressing our gratitude for what we had just experienced.

After he left, SP and I went right back to bed, and fucked again as we talked about what we had just done, sharing our impressions, thriving on the excitement, drawing out the aftershocks, keeping it going.

She said she was a bit sore today, but I bet not so sore that she won't want to come again tonight.
We both look forward to a return visit from our new friend.
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