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Plans to expand "the hour game"

Last weekend, Silk Panties suggested that we play "the hour game" again. That's where we spend the day at home, doing all the usual kinds of household projects couples do - laundry, cleaning, home maintenance, etc., but we stop what we're doing every hour to go upstairs and sexually torment each other for ten minutes. The twist is that I can't come. I save it until night time. SP, however, is free to come as much as she is capable of - but it has to happen within that ten minute window. Even if she's right on the brink and begging for it -- I deny her if the ten minutes are up.

Well, it was a great day. As usually happens, we got distracted and interrupted, so we didn't actually get in more than 5-6 of these ten minute interludes, but that's plenty.

We mix it up a bit - starting slow, with her peeling off her top and kneeling while she sucks me - me fondling her tits, reaching down to rub her pussy, kissing her on the neck and tits.

Next time I might just have her suck me hard quickly, then spin her around, bend her over the edge of the bed and slam it straight into her. Then hold still while she squirms and begs and pushes back against me while I pull her hair and talk dirty to her about all the things I want to do to her, but wont -- until later. Ten minutes of that and I withdraw quickly, pull my pants back on and leave the room while she's still bent over, legs spread.

I make her press a vibrator into her crotch, over her jeans, and tell me what she wants - explicitly. I might tease her with my cock - bringing it near her, or just brushing her lips, but not letting her take it in. Or, worse yet, making her kneel over her Hitachi and hold still, mouth open, while I move my cock in and out of her mouth while she holds perfectly still - no lips, no tongue, no bobbing.

Or, I'll instruct her to be ready for me next time I enter the room - face down on the floor, reaching back, spreading herself open to me so I can plunge straight into her and fuck her HARD.

Later that evening, as part of the concluding session, I started talking to her about expanding the hour game by inviting in another guy -- or two, or more -- to join us.

She liked the idea. Liked it A LOT!

We started elaborating on the idea of her being sexually available to us throughout the day. Maybe working on her laptop in the bedroom, and being interrupted by visits a couple times each hour. I described a detailed fantasy about five other guys, each of us playing with her for ten minutes in turn - so she was being teased and fucked continuously. That was hot, but it got even hotter when she started talking about inviting just one other guy - and doing it for real.

Imagine how exciting this is - after the mounting excitement of playing on and off all day: we are finally laying in bed together, naked, her warm, oily hand sliding over my aching cock, her slick pussy undulating under my touch as she breathless describes the scenario she has in mind.

I prepare her, tie her to the bed, tease her, then leave. She's left waiting, vulnerable, exposed, uncertain of what will come next. Then another man enters the room, free to do whatever he wants with her.

We might give her instructions, she might be bound, she might be free, we might pose her for each other. We might ask her to tell us what she had done with the other man. We might make she show us.

Or, we might take her together. One active, the other just watching. Or we might both be active - taking turns looking into her eyes while the other fucks her from behind. Or, she is on her back, hands tied to the head board, legs also bound, lifted and spread wide. Her head is turned and she's looking into my eyes as the other man mounts her, pounds her, makes her come underneath him.

We have always only played together in the same room, but we were both getting very turned on by the idea of her having us alternately. She described me leaving her to him while I went about some normal project - just like when we really play, and then coming back to find her however he has left her - her telling me what they had done, how it had felt.

Or, I might listen outside the closed bedroom door, trying to picture the scene, knowing I could enter at any time, but resisting - making the excitement build.

We kept on talking and stroking each other into a frenzy. I got on top of her, started fucking her, still talking, still looking each other in the eye.

"You really want to do it?" I asked. "You really want me to bring in another man to take turns fucking you throughout the day?"
"Yes," she gasps.
"You want to feel his cock pounding you, just like I'm doing now? You want to wrap your legs around him and pull him into you?"
"And. you'd do whatever we said? Expose yourself to us, let us touch you, lick you, pose you? You'd play with yourself, make yourself come, take us both at the same time?"
"Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it."
"I want you and another man to fuck me. I want to suck his cock while you watch, I want to feel you come on me ..."
"Where do you want our cum?"
"Everywhere - in my mouth, on my face, my cunt, my tits ..."
"How about your ass? You want to feel him fucking you in the ass? His big cock, sliding in and out of your ass?"

And that's how we finished - exploding into each other while we both thrilled to the idea of another man fucking her tight ass and then coming all over her.

Now, all we need is to find out if one of our single guy friends has an interest in that kind of scenario, and when we might have a day free.

Silk Panties is so fucking hot.
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